Thursday, January 31, 2008

Forward Planning

The copy for the meeja students' magazine Hitched is in and it's a pretty mixed batch. Some good ideas just haven't been explored properly.

One student wrote about the trend for vintage (or vintage in style) wedding dresses. She spoke to a vintage clothes collector and a make-up artist who specialises in retro looks, but she didn't find anyone to talk to about the evolution of wedding dresses themselves (although she did rewrite some of the info she found on various websites).

I felt sure there were collections in various museums that she could have mentioned, and curators who would have been happy to share their expertise. Indeed, when I Googled around a bit, I found several possibilities from Leeds to Dawlish .

I also found a treat for the future - a wedding dress exhibition to be held at the V&A in May. I doubt any of my students will be there.


herschelian said...

When we moved house 4 months ago I discovered my own wedding dress. Made of heavy ivory silk jersey with a high neck, long sleeves, and regency waistline, I thought I looked it-and-a-bit 32 years ago, now I shudder. It was a Jean Muir design and my Mamma thought it suitably elegant for a cold January wedding (true) and I had lovely shoes made of silk and clear perspex from Raynes -boy does that date me!. No veil, I was bolshy about that, just a Juliet cap of fresh flowers. Could have been lovely, but I ruined it by having a hideous perm at the last minute and went down the aisle looking like Shirley Temple - what possessed me?

Mother of the bride said...

Why shudder? Sounds perfectly classically 60s - and I bet both the shoes and the dress are now collector's items.