Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bears of very little brain

I don’t know why I’m hooked on The Apprentice, but I’m looking forward to my fix tonight. Last week’s episode had me in stitches – it was a brilliant idea to send them all off the National Wedding Show at the NEC where they were clearly so far out of their depth that they should been broadcasting a Mayday from the start.
One bride-to-be looked on the verge of tears as Michael piled the pressure on in a bid to sell his wedding cakes, telling her that a traditional choice would look dull and be a disaster (or words to that effect).
I’m not surprised that no-one was prepared to put a deposit down on a wedding cake then and there. But I was surprised that Michael clearly thought his cupcake version was something special or different. Googling wedding cupcakes produces about 145,000 hits.
It would have been different if he had been flogging a cake made out of tiers of cheese. That, according to deli owner Nick Lindley, is the latest ‘in’ wedding food.
There’s a picture of one on the weddingpath.co.uk website. It’s apparently made with a base of Brie Meaux, topped by a Cornish yarg, a Colston-Bassett Stilton, an Italian Pecorino Rossa, a local White Nancy goats’ cheese and a soft Langres cows’ cheese from France.
I had to look up yarg. It does exist. But I am unconvinced that any bride worth her salt would rather plump for yarg than icing, chocolate, or even cupcakes.


herschelian said...

My mother suggested the cheese wedding cake idea to my daughter a few weeks ago (she's gathering ideas for the big day). There was much debate about the pros and cons and the consensus seemed to be that if you went with cheese, you'd need to have cake cake too.
As for the cup-cakes. A few years back the DH and I were at a wedding with a cupcake wedding cake. It looked pretty in a tea-roomish sort of way; the marriage broke up after 16 months but I don't think cup cakes were to blame.

Mother of the bride said...

More than a storm in a tea cup then? I hope they hadn't forked out too much on the wedding/