Wednesday, October 1, 2008

It's a jungle out there

A whole month has flown by since the last post. Partly because I’ve been busy, busy, busy – but also because I was feeling ever so slightly inhibited.
My own fault, of course. I tend to assume no-one reads what I write – not on this blog, anyway. But it seems they do.
So … I’ve been to a wedding, but I am not going to post anything about it other than to say it all went wonderfully well and that mother of the bride (and her husband) deserve a pat on the back for a job well done.
I don’t think any more invitations are in the offing - not because people think I might blog about their impending nuptials but because no one I know, young or old, appears likely to take the plunge into matrimony in the near future.
My diary isn’t completely empty, however. I’m going to a speed-hacking evening (a cross between speed-dating and journalism training). A firm I freelance for occasionally is having a birthday party at Ronnie Scott’s. There’s the press club ball with the dinosaurs (real ones, not just old journos) and a girlie trip to Spain with one of my best mates in the hope of catching some sunshine before we batten down the hatches for winter.


Z said...

*Waves* I'm still here.

Have fun at the various events.

herschelian said...

Hi MoB! I'm waving too... Went to a wonderful wedding last weekend. The weather was glorious, the bride beautiful and the Brazilian music amazing. As I will be MoB next year I was really interested in the arrangements - very impressed to discover that as the young couple only got engaged in April the whole thing had been planned, organised and executed in a mere three months.

Mother of the bride said...

Z - good to hear from you - I'm in awe of your energy recently - all that painting and dashing about. Hope the procelain sale goes well.

And herschelian - I'd love to hear more about the Brazilian wedding. The wedding I went to had a Cuban band and they got everyone - including me - dancing. How did you move go?