Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hat and Feathers

The invitation on the mantelpiece isn’t to a wedding but a 60th birthday party. The venue is the Hat and Feathers – and so is the theme. I have no idea what to wear but I doubt it will be a hat. I didn’t even wear a hat to the daughter’s wedding.
And speaking of hats and weddings ….

The last book club meeting was hosted by one of the two soon-to-be mothers of a bride. So soon, in fact, that the wedding was taking place a mere three days after we met to pull Dave Boling’s novel Guernica apart.
Those of us whose heads weren’t full of timetables, manicures, providing lunch for the bridesmaids (it’s a late afternoon affair) and so on were astounded that anyone whose head was could still a) entertain and b) think about books.
But the most astounding thing of all – to me, at any rate – was to learn that as the mother of bride was, in a very short space of time, to fly halfway round the world to become a mother of a groom, she was planning to Fedex her very expensive wedding hat to Australia.


Z said...

My heart rather sinks when I get an invitation and told how to dress. Not a style (black tie etc) but colours, something specific or, god forbid, fancy dress. You feel a killjoy if you don't join in but awkward if involves wearing something you aren't comfortable in. Are the men supposed to wear hats or feathers too?

Mother of the bride said...

I think so - which is why I chose a manly kind of hat for the illustration.

Koulla said...

Gosh, I've never thought of how you'd travel far with a delicate hat. You'd even need a reinforced hat box for the Mother of the Bride hat. It looks like the wedding might have been and gone. Did the hat arrive safely?

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