Thursday, April 26, 2007

Why hens?

Tomorrow is the hen night. Why not the doe night?

A quick Google only came up with this possible explanation on The Phrase Finder's bulletin board.

'A typical flock of chickens consisted of many hens and one rooster, if the owners were interested in breeding chicks, or many hens and no rooster if the goal was egg production. So hens hung out together, pecking and gabbling and roosters were solitary.'

Any one have any better suggestions?

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herschelian said...

In the US they are called Bachelorette Parties - personally I thing the term Hen Night is MUCH nicer. I went to a Hen Night recently, and had to take something for everyone to drink or eat (it was in a beauty salon). See my blog for March 21st; We all had SUCH a good time, in a very non-vulgar way. Have fun at your daughter's Hen Night.