Friday, June 8, 2007

3 tips on organising a wedding

1. Don’t expect official photographers to think.
You may have specified that you do not want formal firing squad family group pix – but you still have to explain what you DO want. It might seem obvious that you would like informal pictures of key family members such as the groom’s father with his wife or the bride’s brothers who are acting as ushers, rather than six photographs of empty tables just to show how nicely they had been laid. But take nothing for granted.
Oh, and should the reception be held in a school where the bride and groom teach there is really no need for the photographer to go to the trouble of snapping the school badge and motto – especially if it is in Latin and they don’t have a clue what it means.

2. Having a table seating plan is no guarantee of harmony.
It helps if you are acquainted with who you are putting next to whom. If not, do not assume that two people who are married to each other and live at the same address are still a couple – or, indeed, on speaking terms.

3. Sale and return is always sale and no return.
If drink is available, it will be drunk. Why would anyone ever think otherwise?

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herschelian said...

Wedding photographers rarely seem to hit all the right targets. My own wedding pics were frightful, and even worse, the colour pics started to fade after five years, and the photographer had emigrated so we couldn't get the negatives. BTW I am noting all these tips down, as when and if my darling daughter decides to make an honest man of her bloke I may have need of them.