Friday, July 20, 2007

When Lilibet married her naval officer

Such excitement. This summer an exhibition is being held at Buckingham Palace to celebrate the Queen’s 60th wedding anniversary*. I’m no monarchist, but I can remember how important the event felt back in those belt-tightening, post-war days of rationing and cod liver oil.

Our family had a cardboard cut-out book from which you could create a model of the pageant. It had everything, from the Household Cavalry on their horses to the glittering fairy-tale coach which took pride of place on our mantelpiece. Goodness knows what happened to it (the coach, not the mantelpiece).

I expect my mother chucked it out along with her Lloyd loom chairs, her utility furniture and any other 'vintage' items we might, years later, have been able to put on ebay.

According to Elizabeth Grice (writing in the Daily Telegraph), the morning of Princess Elizabeth’s wedding didn’t go entirely to plan. The bride’s tiara snapped and needed a hasty repair. Her bouquet went temporarily AWOL, and she left the string of pearls she wanted to wear in the wrong palace. As you do.

Isn’t it comforting to learn that a Royal Wedding is as prone to last-minute hitches as any?



herschelian said...

My parent's Diamond Wedding is next Spring - I think my sister and I should start thinking of a celebration for them; I know my Dad is anxious that he is going to be expected to fork out for a good deal of bling....Mum says no, no, but I suspect she'd be thrilled to get a carat or two.

How's the hunt for a new PA going?

motherofthebride said...

Bling can be blingy without being real - but nothing beats the real thing. Guess your Dad will just have to bite the bullet.
Shortlist for PA now down to four - 2 newbies and 2 more experienced. All spelled millennium right, but none could name the new Health Secretary or tell me what a contusion was. Will make final choice next week.