Thursday, January 15, 2009


Many moons ago in the days when we had typewriters and phone boxes instead of laptops and iPhones, people wrote each other love letters. By hand.
My yet-to-be husband was one of them and I still have a cache in a tin box in a cupboard somewhere.
These days, when we are apart, he emails or texts. Or, worse still, insists on Skypeing.
I have always been a bit of a Luddite, but I cannot take this seriously.
It’s a bit creepy being able to see my beloved sitting in his hotel room thousands of miles away, looking oddly yellow, his mouth moving out of synch with the words coming out of my speakers.
Unnerved by the sight of my head in the box in the left-hand corner of my screen, I’m unable to resist pulling faces and bobbing down out of sight.
I am relieved when the message flashes up: connection lost.
In more ways than one, I think.


Z said...

I've never had a letter from my other half, let alone a love letter. He sends romantic birthday cards but that's his limit. And he never goes away - I do but he stays home!

herschelian said...

I agree with you about seeing people on Skype, so I tend to use it with the camera off. My best friend in South Africa can chat for free for as long as we want, and with out the pictures the calls are so normal. The camera can make things difficult in other ways. When I was in China in November my daughter emailed me the photo of a wedding dress she was thinking of buying on ebay (!). It was hideous beyond belief. Then a few hours later she skyped me, during the conversation she suddenly said "what do you think of the dress, its just what I'm after"; before I could think of a suitably tactful way of saying she should keep looking, she said" I can see the look on your face, you hate it!" and was then very huffy about my lack of (a)taste, (b)enthusiasm and (c) support for her wishes. That has blown over now, no thanks to skype.