Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Star Struck

Husband is back home from his consultancy work in Kerala and feeling the cold. We decide to prolong the Indian flavour of life a little by going to our local cinema to see the film Slumdog Millionaire. When I check the times online I note that Bride Wars is also showing.

In the interests of research for this blog I feel I should suggest seeing this instead but I can guess what the response would be. So all I can tell you is that plot is as follows:

Two best friends have dreamt of their fairytale wedding since they were 10 years old. Now, the big day has finally arrived and they find themselves in a fight. Their weddings have been double booked at the same venue and they must go the extra mile to try to stop their ‘best’ friend’s special day.

By coincidence, another film about weddings appears to be coming soon. This one is called Rachel Getting Married.

It’s Rachel’s wedding day and family and friends are gathered for a weekend of celebration. Then Rachel’s sister Kym arrives, bringing crisis and conflict that ensure the celebrations don’t go according to plan.

So far, so normal, I’d say. The only odd thing is the fact that the actress Anne Hathaway is starring in this film, too.


Z said...

Working in Kerala would be my dream job, whatever it was.

Mother of the bride said...

The job was media related. Cochin was - I'm told - lovely. Ditto the people. But living in a hotel for days on end not so good. In fact other half was a hotel resident for so long that the staff baked him a special farewell cake!