Thursday, March 12, 2009


My husband says all I do on this blog now is witter. (At least I don’t Twitter.)
Anyway, I do sometimes witter about weddings, and daughters who once were brides, and what it’s like being the mother of one, not to mention a wife.
Last Saturday the husband and I walked from Archway to Islington. That may not sound far to North Londoners who walk, but it certainly felt far enough for me. The walking is part of his plan to get me fit.
On the way we passed Islington town hall. A group of smartly dressed people were gathered outside.
Must be a wedding, observed the husband. I said nothing. I find it hard to walk (at his pace) and talk.
A few minutes later we saw, coming towards us, a man in a suit and a woman wearing a smart dress and a hat, hurrying along the uneven pavements. They were clearly wedding guests – and just as clearly running late.
A little further on we encountered another couple. Also hurrying. It seemed likely that they had arrived by tube and decided to walk from the Angel.
It doesn’t look far on the A-Z. And it’s certainly not as far as Archway to Islington.
But I wouldn’t like to try it at pace in four-inch heels.

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herschelian said...

Last week my darling daughter let slip that her fiance had said of me "God forbid your mum takes to Twitter". I felt this very keenly, obviously I too am thought to witter on.
As to weddings, DD's wedding (coming up in mid July) is driving me mental. There seems to be so much to do - we started with a field with a tap in it, but have now organised what seems little short of Glastonbury. At least the dress is done and dusted. She's wearing the dress worn by my mother and grandmother, its now 89 yrs old. It has been beautifully adapted by a wonder woman