Monday, March 30, 2009

Bride in waiting

The baby who arrived on Christmas Eve is growing almost visibly. She's three months already - I'm sure time is speeding up. This is the kind of picture someone (naming no names) is bound to produce when she celebrates her 18th birthday. Or gets married.

And, no, it isn't a potty. Even I didn't start sitting my children on a potty at the age of three months. It's a new fangled gizmo that sits them up. I think it may be called a Bumbo.

She doesn't always look so serious.


herschelian said...

I'm not surprised she looks so serious sitting in the Bumbo, lordy, what will the baby equipment manufacturers thing of next? I went with a friend to see her newest grandchild who was being immersed in something called the Tummy Tub - apparently it is de rigueur for 21stC babies!

Mother of the bride said...

We haven't encountered the Tummy Tub but we now know how to wear babies in a variety of slings. But I still can't collapse the giant off-road racing buggy - much preferred the old McLaren you could put up and down with one hand and one foot while holding baby in other arm.