Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Happy Ogre After

I knew you could have Shrek wedding cakes (this one was made by Boogiebabys of Rochester, Kent) but it never occurred to me that anyone would take the theme to its ultimate expression and get married as Shrek and Princess Fiona.
Raise a glass, however, to Christine England and Keith Green, the 40-somethings from Barnstable who did just that last week.
The story made the nationals – and the line I liked best was the one about Christine’s 16-year-old son who refused to dress up as Donkey for the day.
That’s my wedding thought of the day. Now I shall waffle.
The house seems strangely quiet as the clan has returned to Scotland leaving behind: two car seats; one buggy; two travel cots and bedding; four muslins; a change mat; assorted vests and socks; two bibs; a sandpit; a slide; two boxes of toys, bricks and books; two half empty packs of disposable nappies (size 3 and 5); two tubes of Metanium; a pack of baby wipes; an Annabel Karmel concoction in the freezer plus two small portions of my home-made spag bol sauce; a clip on to the table toddler seat; a lie back and bounce baby chair; a travel steriliser; a baby alarm and a gap in my life.
They return next month for a wedding and we will be babysitting for 48 hours. Can’t wait.


herschelian said...

The minute I saw this in the paper I just knew that it was perfect for your blog! What on earth will the great-grandchildren think in 100 years time when they look through the family album?!Fortunately the daughter and soon-to-be SIL are not the types to go down this wedding route, although having seen photos of the wedding dress as worn by my grandmother, SIL-to-be has started muttering about wearing spats.

Mother of the bride said...

Could be a Guys and Dolls theme there - with their song being Bushel and a Peck?